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classoom icon [accordion auto_height="false" ui_theme="ui-smoothness" collapsible="1" active="false"] [accordion_panel title="Articulate: Software to Create Online and Mobile Learning Modules"] Looking for a new way to capture your PowerPoint presentations and package them for on-line consumption by your students? Articulate is an easy way for faculty and staff to create online and mobile courses using software that is an add-in to the familiar PowerPoint interface: if you can create a PowerPoint presentation, you can create an Articulate module.
Articulate provides opportunities to directly involve learners with online slide formats through 20 different types of pre-programmed “engage interaction” slides. Content is viewable on mobile devices, as well as laptops and desktops. This session will be an overview of Articulate features and will demonstrate the ease of use for faculty as well as the increased engagement for learners. Presented by Tim Wood.

[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="Closing The Loop: Using Program Assessment Results to Improve Student Learning"] Is your assessment data useful? Do the assessment results answer questions posed by the program? Does your program utilize the results? In this workshop, the facilitators will discuss strategies on asking relevant assessment questions and how the answers to these questions can result in program improvement. Attendees will leave knowing specific ways to use assessment results (e.g., changes to curriculum, assessment procedures, program policies), how to interpret results; and strategies to help faculty act on results. Facilitated by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

  • Where: Pomona – Bartlett Theater, HPC; Lebanon – Eastmoreland.
  • When: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 12:00noon to 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided, Please register 24 hours in advance 

[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="Podium Training: the Basics and What's New"] Do you REALLY know all the functions on the podiums in the lecture halls? Have you noticed the “telestrator” on the podium, but didn’t know how to use it properly to help you effectively present your information to the audience? If you’ve never attended a podium training or are looking to find out what’s new on the podiums across campus, this presentation will help fill in the gaps for you. Join us for lunch and an informative presentation. Presented by Classroom Media Services.

  • Where: Pomona – Lecture Hall #2, HPC; Lebanon – Lecture Hall 1.
  • When: Thursday, June 12, 2014 12noon – 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided,  Please register 24 hours in advance 
[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="Gamification"] Gamification? Yes, gamification! Students will spend hours playing video games and other on-line games like Farmville, Candy Crush, and the latest version of Zombie Apocalypse instead of studying. Why not leverage this interest in games to engage them in solving problems and applying the principles and concepts learned in courses? Come learn about the creation of games for learning and how WesternU is using game thinking and game mechanics to maximize time-on-task and increase learner engagement. Presented by Miary Andriamiarisoa.

  • Where: Pomona – Bartlett Theater, HPC; Lebanon – Lecture Hall 1.
  • When: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 12noon – 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided,  Please register 24 hours in advance  

[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="Google Hangouts: A Video Chat Alternative"] Google Hangouts is yet another option for making video calls, videoconferencing and holding “webinar” type presentations. If you already have a Gmail account, you are ready to participate with this Google+ add-in whether it’s on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This presentation will review the basics of using Google Hangouts, what you need to get started, and ways it can be used to communicate with friends and colleagues. Presented by Michael Bradford.

  • Where: Pomona – Compatriots Hall, HSC; Lebanon – Lecture Hall 2.
  • When: Thursday, June 19, 2014 12noon – 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided,  Please register 24 hours in advance 

[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="Doceri: An iPad App that Lets you Demonstrate Lecture Material On-screen"] Come learn about using the exciting and innovative iPad software that coordinates with campus podiums to present lecture material. Doceri allows instructors to remotely control the podium desktop, as well as create hand-drawn lessons, images and presentations to help increase student engagement. Previously static class material comes to life through hand-drawn interactions. Come find out how! Please download the Doceri app to your iPad before attending the presentation: http://doceri.com/download.php Presented by Cherishea Coats.

  • Where: Pomona – Bartlett Theater, HSC; Lebanon – Eastmoreland.
  • When: Wednesday, June 25 2014 12noon – 1:00pm. Lunch will be provided,  Please register 24 hours in advance 
[/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="Turning Technologies"] Turning Technologies continues to offer free instructor led online classes on the use of their new TurningPoint v5 software. Below are dates and times of upcoming classes in October. To register, go to Training Technologies' Online Classes page. For information on additional webinars and training materials, go to Turning Technologies' Training page. [/accordion_panel] [accordion_panel title="ExamSoft"]  ExamSoft also offers free training webinars on their new portal as well as other topics.  Check the ExamSoft Training Schedule for upcoming webinars in October. [/accordion_panel][/accordion]